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No tenemos el dinero para acabar con la pobreza. No podemos hacerlo. Pero de repente, ¡claro! sí que tenemos 700 mil millones de dólares para rescatar a Wall Street.
Bernie Sanders, senador estadounidense.


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  1. A éste sí que lo sacaron de contexto con mala leche por ser de izquierda. La transcripción del reportaje original está en
    "Also, I think that we have got to be—we on the left have got to be thinking big and learn a little bit from our right-wing friends who are able to pivot on a dime. For years now, they’ve told us that we can’t afford—that the government providing healthcare to all people is just unimaginable; it can’t be done. We don’t have the money to rebuild our infrastructure. We don’t have the money to wipe out poverty. We can’t do it. But all of a sudden, yeah, we do have $700 billion for a bailout of Wall Street. So, my view is that, included in what we do, there should be a significant stimulus package, a really significant one, which addresses healthcare, which addresses sustainable energy, which addresses the infrastructure, which creates substantial number of jobs, addressing many of the long-term unmet needs of this country."


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